About ITEP Global

The International Technology and Entrepreneurship Program (ITEP) is an educational initiative by the School of Design and Technology (SDT) to instill the skillsets of Information Technology into the young people of Africa and make them join the train of successful Technology entrepreneurs on the globe.

Africa over the years has played a key role in the IT industry by producing talented and skilled labour force for Europe, North America and Australia. These individuals have contributed to the success of many organisations including Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft among others. Many have been absorbed into various sectors of Africa's industries and the skills of these individuals have caused growth in their respective organisations.

The remaining are entrepreneurs who own various IT companies and initiatives in Africa. Technological Skills and Technology Entrepreneurship is a very vital and important category in development. They are still in high demand since organisations have no choice than to adopt to the changing world of Technology. Indeed, there are many successful African technology professionals contributing greatly in various fields of life and development. However, there is still a huge deficit with regards to skilled young people in Africa as compared to Asia and North America.

The contribution of African technology professionals is a drop in the ocean compared to the contributions made by the young people in other continents. For example, the open source community that is the world's biggest source of free software applications has received a negligible contribution from Africa. The chart below shows the contribution to the largest open source community, Github.com.

Who can Join?

Before applying to join the program, consider the list below to be sure that you qualify. To join ITEP, you should :
- be between the ages of 15 to 25 years at the time you are applying,
- possess a high school degree or higher,
- have basic or advance computer knowledge
- have a pure passion for technology and design

If you believe you have the potential to be a part of the program and do not qualify, kindly send us an email via itep@sdt.edu.gh

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Web Engineering

Learn in a practical approach the knowledge you need to build software both for the web and mobile. The modules are well designed to assist students to have a solid foundation in web engineering practice, design and development. The course is divided into two, the Web Engineering I focuses on developing for the web and Web Engineering II for mobile devices.

Technology Entrepreneurship

Technology entrepreneurship fundamentals are treated in the course. The process technology entrepreneurs use to start business and this involves turning a technology idea into a business venture by identifying potential market or commercial opportunity and putting together the resources such as capital and human resources (talent).

Cyber Security

Data breaches and hacking may sound unlikely, but cyber-attacks occur daily. In many cases, businesses are unprepared, because management does not understand the risk. Many companies believe they will not be a target of an attack. All governments and companies must be prepared for these type of attacks.