Cyber Security

Cyber Security Training is more important now than it has ever been. Data breaches and hacking may sound unlikely, but cyber-attacks occur daily. In many cases, businesses are unprepared, because management does not understand the risk. Many companies believe they will not be a target of an attack. The truth is that all governments and companies must prepare for a cyber-attack by having an individual or team in place to protect from such an attack.
Threats to organizations include ransomware attacks and hacking, but human error also plays a role. Limiting the threat to your organization and creating a culture of security awareness are key.

Usable Security

Module One

This module focuses on a human-centric approach to design and build secure systems. The module will look at how humans interact with computers and apply gained insights to the design of secure systems.

Software Security

Module Two

This modules will examine the basics of software security and look at the key vulnerabilities and attacks that exploit a software such as SQL injection, cookie hijacking and buffer overruns. We will also look at defenses that mitigate or prevent these attacks, plus advanced testing and program analysis techniques.

Cryptography and Cryptanalysis

Module Three

This module will introduce students practical application of the basics of modern cryptography. Learn all about making and breaking puzzles in computing.

Hardware Security

Module Four

This module explores hardware security and trust. Students will understand the vulnerabilities in current digital system design flow and the physical attacks to these systems. Students will get acquainted with the skills and tools that are used to design a trust and secure hardware.

Cybersecurity Project

Module Five

Students will embark on a software project intended to be secured. And they are to prove that the project of other students have security vulnerabilities and flaws.

Who can Join?

Before applying to join the program, consider the list below to be sure that you qualify. To join ITEP, you should :
- be between the ages of 15 to 25 years at the time you are applying,
- possess a high school degree or higher,
- have basic or advance computer knowledge
- have a pure passion for technology and design

If you believe you have the potential to be a part of the program and do not qualify, kindly send us an email via

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