Principles of animation

Module One

This module will help students learn the fundamental essence of animation centred on the twelve basic principles of animation developed by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston of Disney. Students will learn animation concepts and methods to construct a solid groundwork for becoming an animation artist.

Motion Graphics

Module Two

Students will learn about the most significant principles of composition and how to use them in their designs. These principles will be used in context by teaching students the development of mini projects such as online advertising and more.

Stages in animation

Module Three

This module takes students through the various stages in the creation of animation, Pre-production, Production and Post production. In pre production, students will cover conceptualising, script writing, character development, shooting script, camera shots & angles, storyboard, voice recording, prepare audio & sound effects. (All these will include practical experiences). In production students will study animating with storyboard as a guide and addition of background. And finally in post production, students will cover editing, visual effects, clean ups and rendering.

Who can Join?

Before applying to join the program, consider the list below to be sure that you qualify. To join ITEP, you should :
- be between the ages of 15 to 25 years at the time you are applying,
- possess a high school degree or higher,
- have basic or advance computer knowledge
- have a pure passion for technology and design

If you believe you have the potential to be a part of the program and do not qualify, kindly send us an email via

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