Board Chair

Cesar Murillo

Experienced investment analyst, asset management and corporate development professional.

Board Member

Prof. Margarida Romero

insurance and financial consultant.

Board Member

Thomas J. Bordeaux, Sr

insurance and financial consultant.

Board Member

Melanio Lopez

IT Project Manager with the U.S. Department of Treasury and advises ITEP with respect to IT and Cyber security.

Board Member/Founder

Elvis Agah

President of the School of Design and Technology, I have led a team of experts to launch the ITEP project


Akua Oseiwaa Ahenkorah

Expert in Artificial Intelligence and Quality Assuarance

Research Partner

Despoina Schina

Expert in Artificial Intelligence and Quality Assuarance

Technology Adviser

Nana Ekow Taylor

Expert in software systems, data insights and connectivity technologies

Technology Partner

Dr. Khoury Boutrous

Enthusiastic and dedicated professional with extensive knowledge across areas of control and automation engineering

Research Partner

Dr. Thomas Yeboah

Dr. Thomas Yeboah is an international development consultant and a researcher with over 10 years of experience

Technology Partner

Lucy Yeboah

Expert in health and technology management. Facilitator in Information Technology

Technology Partner

Michael Agbenyegah

A highly motivated individual with the ability to exhibit key analytical skills for problem solving.

Technology Partner

Dibe Fabrice Laba

A skilled graphic designer and web developer able to deliver results.

Finance Partner

Precious Amegah

A chartered accountant skilled in efficient planning and co-ordination of activities according to organisational structure

Technology Partner

Fabrice Ekpetse

A skilled systems engineer with over 5 years of developing complex software solutions

Who can Join?

Before applying to join the program, consider the list below to be sure that you qualify. To join ITEP, you should :
- be between the ages of 15 to 25 years at the time you are applying,
- possess a high school degree or higher,
- have basic or advance computer knowledge
- have a pure passion for technology and design

If you believe you have the potential to be a part of the program and do not qualify, kindly send us an email via

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