Technology Entrepreneurship

Technology entrepreneurship fundamentals are treated in the course. The process technology entrepreneurs use to start business and this involves turning a technology idea into a business venture by identifying potential market or commercial opportunity and putting together the resources such as capital and human resources (talent). The course also covers how to market and sell your idea and sustain your growth.

Innovative Ideas and Concept Development

Module One

Focuses on the content, methods, and models for new venture opportunity assessment and analysis.

Strategies for Managing Innovation

Module Two

Emphasises how innovative leaders can use strategic management of innovation to enhance company performance.

Business Modelling and Customer Validation

Module Three

Focuses on how to create and deliver value for customers and how to sustainably extract value for the venture.

Innovative Thinking

Module Four

Introduces tools to boost creative problem-solving skills. Rediscover personal thinking preferences, identify and eliminate mental blocks, and enhance communication and teaming skills.

Creative Design, Prototyping, and Testing

Module Five

Enables students to transition from creative, innovative, design thinking methods to prototyping and concept testing their products and services.

Market Development and Commercialisation

Module Six

Provides an orientation to key marketing concepts critical to marketing technology-based products and services.

Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship

Module Seven

Highlights the critical legal business issues entrepreneurs face as they build and launch a new venture.

Financial Management and New Venture Financing

Module Eight

Provides the essential tools and know-how to build a strong financial foundation for a new technology venture.

Launching Technology Startup Ventures

Module Nine

Helps students learn the process and skills needed to launch and manage technology startup ventures.

Who can Join?

Before applying to join the program, consider the list below to be sure that you qualify. To join ITEP, you should :
- be between the ages of 15 to 25 years at the time you are applying,
- possess a high school degree or higher,
- have basic or advance computer knowledge
- have a pure passion for technology and design

If you believe you have the potential to be a part of the program and do not qualify, kindly send us an email via

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